bad account transfer

having transfered 2 gmail accounts from ms live email. both seperate accounts downloaded both of each others emails. i then tried deleting the emails from one account but found out that both sets of emais had been deleted.

what can i do to sort out this problem.

i also want to access the gmail passwords in EM client how can i do that

Did you import the accounts from MS Mail? If so, instead of importing them both at the same time, why not try and import them separately. But if the accounts were setup as IMAP in MS Mail, you don’t need to import them. You can simply add the accounts in eM Client and it will sync with the GMail accounts on the server.

If the accounts where setup in eM Client using Automatic Setup, they would have been configured with OAuth. In which case there is no password. Instead the computer holds a token for eM Client that is verified by the Google server when it connects. Changing your Google password does not prevent eM Client from connecting. That is part of the function of OAuth.

If it was setup manually, the password can be changed in Menu > Tools > Accounts. On the General tab for that account you will find the password.