Backups fail, both manual and auto

I cannot get backups to work. When I do a manual backup, EM starts the BU and I can see the backup zip file being created in the recipient directory. When the backup is complete, it disappears. This used to work fine, now it has stopped working altogether. Both auto backup and manual backup do not work. I have tried a re-install, no change. I get a lot of mail, backup is critical.

Menu > Operations > Log … anything in there referencing your backup?

There should be multiple lines in the log …

Could be the .zip backup file is being intercepted after backing up by a eg: local antivirus program or security program and automatically being quarantined.

If you have any optional antivirus or security programs installed running in the background, try temporarily disabling them and manually do a backup to see if the .zip file stays there.

Failing that, change the local backup location to a different directory / folder as could be a problem where it currently backs up to to. You can change the backup location via “Menu / Settings / General / Backup”.

Figured it out. My EM backup file exceeds 4 gb. The external drive I use was formatted for FAT32 which will not accept anything > 4gb. Reformatted to NTFS and all is good. Thanks for responding.

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