Backup with available file structure

My EM CLient has crashed. i did not do a backup. just saved the file structure (mail.dat etc). is there a way to incldue this file structure again into em-Client? e.g. generate a backup-fiel afterwards manually or import the fiel structure purely?

br + thx

If you replaced the (entire EM Client hidden data folder) with (your prev saved emc hidden folder), then theoretically it should all come back up to the point when you saved it. eg: If you have Windows EMC folder is in - C:\Users\Yourname\AppData\Roaming\eM Client . Not sure where that is on MAC.

If that didn’t work , hopefully there is another way. if you have an IMAP email account and all custom mail folders were created under that account, just re-setup your IMAP Mail account and everything will come back.