Backup Single Folder & It's subfolders

Testing out eM Client as an Outlook replacement.  After reading these forums and the documentation, I cannot figure out backup by folders. 

Our Process: All emails associated with a particular project go in a folder for that project, which may have 100’s of subfolders.  At the end of the project, we create a new pst named for that project with the PM’s name, move that folder with it’s subfolders into the new pst.  That gets each PM’s emails for that project off the server, but still allows access locally at any time (just reconnect Outlook to that pst).  We can also give the client the pst’s and they have all their project correspondence, but nothing else. 

Can someone explain if eM Client will support this functionality, and if so, how.

Am I correct to assume that this is impossible with EmClient?