Backup settings column configuration

I’ve had to delete and then recreate/restore all my email accounts in eM 7 several times (more like a dozen times, actually). The long and short of it is that I can restore the accounts and settings easily enough, but the columns configurations are not part of the restore process.

Since I have 8 accounts and most are IMAP, there are quite a few folders, to say the least. Having to go through each account and configuring it by hand is a pain. Applying custom configurations to specific folders is quite useless, since I have to apply different settings to Sent, Drafts, Inbox, Trash, etc., so I end up doing pretty much the same amount of work anyway.

When I export to XML I select everything, but when I restore, the columns revert to default. Is there a way to back up the column configuration?

Thank you.


Hello Mike,
does this happen when you do a full database restore from a backup (File>Restore) or when you Import the settings from XML?
Also, what is your current installed version of eM Client (full number in Help>About).