Backup Progress Indicator needed

When doing a backup EmClient has no visual indication how far the backup process is, or when it will be finished. With a large database you can wait for ever without haveing any idea, when it will be done.
it would be nice to have some kind of progress shown, in order to know how long we need to wait for it to finish.

Maybe a small timer right next to the backup text in the menu. So it’s not bothering if you are working, but in case you want to see how far the backup is, you just need to open the menu.


I wish that too, in version 7 there was an animation during active backup.

There should be an indicator in the toolbar:


for which you will get more information in the Operations window:

I also found the one in the Windows Action Centre to be useful:


I know. But found the animation in version 7 more helpful (prettier).