Backup file size

Hello colleagues,

could someone tell me please which information is saved during back up? The back up file of eM client has only 25MB. But all my emails have 750 MB.

I would need to backup all my emails. Do you have any idea how to do it?

I’m too looking for a comprehensive manual how to do a full backup and how to restore this backup on a different PC or VM.

the eM Client back up saves all your locally stored data - downloaded messages, settings, account set ups… everything that is stored in your database.

Not all mail protocols store all your messages locally or make a local copy though.
While POP and Exchange save the information locally by default, eM Client only stores the message headers for IMAP accounts to save space on your computer (and also synchronization time).
That is why the size of eM Client’s database is smaller.
You can however store your messages from IMAP by going to the Tools>Accounts section and under the IMAP tab for your IMAP accounts check the option to ‘Download messages for offline use’ and ‘Include attachments and images’.
Then when you do an eM Client backup your messages will be included in it.

Alternatively, if you want to access your saved messages, you can export them into EML files through the File>Export… option.


Why does doing a backup take so long when copying those same data files into a zip file is much faster.  My mail_data.dat file is 12.5mb and mail_fti.dat file is 6.3mb.  While the regular backup file is 11.4mb.  Doing a regular backup can take several hours.  

Hello Michael,
the backup sould not definitely take so long if you have a small database. Isn’t there perhaps an error message hanging open that is preventing the backup from being performed?


I have not seen any error message open.  This happens virtually every time I backup.  The same or worse is true when the system goes through its routine after a program crash or freeze up.  Today I waited more than two hours as the program was checking the integrity of the data.  I finally canceled out and reloaded the program.  It locks up frequently.

Hello Michael,
can you check the Database folder properties and tell me how big it is?
Also, please download this database cleanup utility and run it.
Let me know if the next backup takes just as long as before.