backup file format - instead of restore, can we import?

Hello, I have been using a free license for the past 2 years and never needed or attempted doing a “restore” though I have a backup regularly done. Just couple of days ago, for some reasons the program “crashed” and i lost some data…so i decided to restore the backup and onloy then I realised the backup were not useable and restore cannot be done at all. I do have very old data backup under outlook pst which I already imported. However, still have a period of data which was under em Client that I needed. My question now: is there anyway to convert your backup format to “pst” so that I can choose to import certain files the newly installed em client? (note: previously on version 4.0…but now on 5.0)


We don’t plan change backup system and it is not possible to extract directly from it just some parts of backup.

however there is way how to do it but it requires a little more time. Make fresh install of eM Client, import whole backup, export things you need and then delete database and setup eM Client again and then import only those exported things.

It might sound hard or long to do, but it takes only few minutes.