Backup doesn't work

Backup doesn’t work. I get the message about closing eM Client to finish backing up. I close all eM Client windows. In the dialog box I click Retry. It beeps and fails repeatedly. The only way to escape the dialog box is to click Cancel, but then the backup doesn’t happen. My last successful backup was 12-11, even though I am set to backup every three days. I have experienced this with 6.0 since updating two days ago, but I also experienced it with 5.0 before the update. An Update Now button would help test this since after a failure there seems to be nothing to do except wait until it tries again.

Hi, do you have all your emails fully synchronized before you attempt to backup?


The problem is with the automatic backup in the Settings.General.Backup. Backup on the File Menu works, but is not automatic. I have the automatic backup set to backup every three days and to save two backups. Since this is automatic and I don’t control when it will attempt to backup, I don’t know if my emails are synchronized. But I would expect an automatic feature to synchronize automatically. When the message pops up saying I need to close down eM Client to continue I haven’t been able to make it work. Ideally I would like to set an automatic backup to happen at 4 am and it would automatically shut down and backup without asking me anything. This feature doesn’t work like that, and I can’t figure out any way to make it work.

I am sorry for delayed answer, anyway you can set backup exact time in Windows’s !Task Scheduler".

Write Task scheduler in Start, open it, click (NOT open) on Task Scheduler Library button, in middle screen select eM Client database backup, open it and in “Triggers” tab you can edit time.


After experimenting I found the problem and solution. But it raises questions about the value of scheduled backup. At the backup time set with the task scheduler, the backup is attempted. The program closes its interface but fails to backup with the message: “eM Client is running. In order for backup to proceed, please exit eM Client.” If the backup is scheduled for 4 am, there won’t be anyone there to exit the program. Possibly this would work if I shut eM Client down each evening, but I usually let it run. If the backup is scheduled for when I am there, it still doesn’t necessarily work as expected. I close down the main eM Client window and any other mail, calendar, or error windows that are open. When I hit retry it it just puts up the same message again. I finally figured out that the only way to completely shut down the program is with Exit from the File menu. If I do that, the backup finishes, but eM Client does not restart. Compare this with the backup done when you select Backup from the File menu. In that case the program shuts down automatically and restarts after the backup is finished. Why can’t the scheduled backup work the same way, shutting down and restarting automatically?

Hi, unfortunately we do not plan to add option for this, by our design it could make life harder for some users (it could make loose of your work).


OK, but is there any case where a scheduled backup will work? If the feature never works, why keep it in the product?

It does work, but it requires eM Client turned off or turn it off manually.


My scheduled backup daily doesn’t work. Never worked since installing eM a couple of weeks ago. I’m very happy with eM otherwise.

Banyin Lee

The response from Jan makes little sense. A scheduled backup function makes sense - needing to be there to manually close the program and then restart it in order for a “Scheduled” backup to work does NOT - defeats the purpose of scheduling.

I realised why the scheduled backup didn’t work. This may not apply to other people but when my notebook is on battery, the scheduled backup doesn’t happen.
Nevertheless, I agree with Jan that if you are not at the PC to shut down eM, then the scheduled backup cannot happen.