Backup data

I’ve just tried eM Client and it’s very, very good.

One function is missing however: Ability to backup data (accounts, settings, messages) to a local disk

IncrediMail can backup data to a CAB file. PocoMail exports data to a folder. Both are good. This is to restore data after reformat, or to transfer to another computer.

You might try the freeware version of MailStore Home…
You will find it in the downloads section.

Is it enough to backup profile folder in order to save messages+contacts+accounts+settings?

“C:\Users{username}\AppData\Roaming\ eM Client

This is my question too. I end up getting dozens of emails a day which I want to keep but rarely ever read or look at (examples: Amazon/online shopping receipts, subscribed tech articles, vendor quotes, misc hobby info, etc…). While I have rules setup on my gMail account to move them to their own folders/views/tags, the numbers begin to add up pretty quickly.
What I typically (historically) do is to have Outlook pull everything (in those folders) off the servers older than 28 days and archive them locally. This…

  1. Saves server space on my accounts
  2. Makes loading and browsing the emails in those folders/views/tags much faster when using web mail or mobile by reducing the count
  3. Allows me to make and store my own backups w/o relying on the “cloud”

With eM Client, even though both “rules” and “local” exist, I cannot seem to find a way to move the messages based on “age”. Only workarounds I can find are…

  1. Manually (well, that’s just stupid)
  2. Mail Store (granted, I haven’t tried this yet and will continue to look into it, but so far it seems as though I’d have to open a second application and would effectively be splitting my mail between two clients and I cannot find any indication if it’s exporting capabilities are compatible with eM Client and/or can be automated)

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Ok, tried out MailStore a bit more. It appears to be a pretty slick program for archiving email. Problem is, with eM Client there doesn’t appear to be any way to mount the stored archives for easy retrieval and use. This means that if one would need to respond to an older email (e.g. a receipt for warranty work months after purchase) or forward an old mail (e.g. “I think I may remember seeing a relevant article a few weeks back, I’ll forward it to you”), it requires a couple of steps…
First, you have to find the message in MailStore, then export the message to an .eml file, then have two import it to eM Client, and finally you can forward it. Seems a bit burdensome for my taste (especially considering all of this is because the authors don’t seem to want to add in a “by age” rule option).

Now, with Outlook and Thunderbird, their is an option to export directly and, even better, it seems that you might be able to mount the archived mail stores directly and/or archive directly to/from the email clients own stores (NOTE: currently untested…MailStore menu options make it seem possible). If that is the case, I very well might keep MailStore if I end up back on one of those two clients (especially with Thunderbird, since it suffers from the same startling lack of any real archiving support).

I have very recently begun using eM Client and have added the files located at “C:\Users{username}\AppData\Roaming\eM Client” to my periodic automated backup routine. I use a product called “SyncBack Freeware”. Would this accomplish what you are attempting to do or am I missing something very elementary in my desire to save/archive my old email messages?

It’s cool program, thanks for the info. I’ve just started using it. :slight_smile:

Some e-mail clients has integrated backup/restore function. It stores important data to a folder or archive. Then if you reformat your PC, or have e-mail client installed to another computer, you can restore all your messages, accounts, settings, and other data with a few clicks inside the program.

It may be good idea to implement this in eM Client too.

It sounds simple:

  1. User: click “Backup Data” in Tools menu
  2. eM Client: prompt for destination folder and archive password
  3. eM Client: make ZIP archive of \AppData\Roaming\ eM Client folder and save it to selected destination


  1. User: click “Restore Data” in Tools menu
  2. eM Client: prompt for source file and archive password (if detected)
  3. eM Client: restore data and restart program to apply changes

Here is how IncrediMail is doing it:…

No need to export from MailStore. Select message in the MailStore Archive. It opens in the right hand pane. At top of your message, select default application and then select Open in default application. Your message will open in eMClient (assuming that is your default) and you can then forward it to your hearts content.

And yet, not talking about EssentialPim, which simply open a specific file into which everything belongs. You can open, close, backup, copy, paste it where you want. You can even use it in a Dropbox folder (by the way, the entire app can be run frop the dropbox folder as it is “portable”).
There is a lot of things very good in Essentialpim, but EM Client rules them all with its complete integration of Gmail, the global folder, etc.

Even Outlook uses a .pst file, say it is!

Please developper of EM Client : take a look at essentialpim features like hyperlink, portability, file system non hidden in roaming temp data or whatever.

next major version (5.0) will contain Archive and Backup function.

Great news.

Any info on when it’s expected to be released?

Beta is scheduled to be released in a few weeks.

is there a beta team that we might join ?

Has this been released/enabled yet?

Of course - Install the latest version of eM Client from here:…

Hello, I’m looking to back up my eM client since it’s loaded on my desktop and I may need to move computers soon.

I see that Archive and Backup are part of version 5.0, which I’m using. 5.0.17263 to be precise. I don’t see those functions under any drop down commands. Can someone help me out? Thanks in advance.


Backup can be performed manually by going to the menu File - Backup. You can also configure regular backup in the Tools - Settings - General - Backup. Archiving can be found in the Settings - Mail - Automatic Archiving. Hope it helps you.

where is the backup file stored? i need to format and i did the backup but now need to move the file in order to format, reinstall and then restore. I do have many email configured and MANY folders per each account (like 100s) so i would not want to loose this enormous sorting job i did… please let me know!


backup should be located in Documents/eM Client folder, you can setup different folder in Tools - Settings - General - Backup

with regards

I would like to copy the backup file to a usb flash drive incase my computer crashes. Does anyone know where it is saved ?