Backup and Restore


i have some questions about backup options and for custom recovery.

  1. Is it possible to bypass the limit of 5 restore points?

  2. If i use a 3rd party backup solution, does em client need to be closed as well? What would happen if i backup the profile while em client is running?

  3. I see only one option for accessing the files from a backup, and that is to restore it. Is it possible to restore it to a new profile?

  4. Is there a program that allows to browse through the content of a backup wihtout restoring it? Like for restoring a few or ohnly a single mail.



  1. Not in automatic backup, but you can backup manually any time through Menu - File - Backup and that has no limit.
  2. Yes, it absolutely needs to be closed - any 3rd party app that is accessing eM Client’s database while it’s running will most likely cause database corruption.
  3. You can restore from a backup even with a blank eM Client installations - the backup file is basically a snapshot of all data and settings you had in eM Client at the time of its taking.
  4. I’m afraid not, the backup is meant only to be restored as a whole and there are no programs that can read our database except eM Client, as it is proprietary.

Hope that helps!

Hello. thx for reply.
As for point 1, the limit i refering to is the maximum amount of saved restore points. The milit can set to a maximum of 5. Even if i made manually backups, any restore point over 5 will be deleted. So the only thing i can do to work around this “problem” is to move the last backups to another location.
Thats not rly comfortable.

An ideal backup solution would offer me none or reasonable limits. Maybe even something like 30 daily backups, 4 weekly and 6 monthly or something like that :slight_smile:

I have a similar oproblem: I cannot restore an old (2014) backup, as the eM Client (ver. 6.0.24928) says that the folder doesn’t contain a valid backup!!!
I simply leave the backup in the same folder in which eM saves its own backups!!!

Can someone help with the issue?

If I want to restore my data base from a week ago, what happens to the emails I have received since them? They will then be gone, won’t they, since my file will not be at an earlier point in time. I’m trying to find a way to save my old emails to my hard drive so that I can get one if I want. I can’t leave them all on the server because Comcast only allows a certain amount.

If you are using POP3 and have chosen to leave messages on the server after download, they will still be there so the first sync with the server after restore will download the recent ones again. These settings will have to have been set previously, and you will find them in the POP3 tab for your account settings in Menu > Tools > Accounts. By default eM Client leaves messages on the server for 7 days. If you have chosen to delete them after download, you will need to export any messages since the last backup before you do the restore. The Sent folder is not downloaded with POP3, so you do need to export the recent sent items before doing a restore. After the restore you can import the recent messages back into eM Client.

Export will do a complete folder or selection of folders at a time. If you want just selected messages, you can select the messages in eM Client and then by right-click choose Save As. This will save the messages as individual files in the selected hard disk folder. To restore them to eM Client, select the messages in Explorer and drag them to the appropriate folder in eM Client.

With IMAP, the restored data will be replaced by the server data as soon as eM Client syncs with the server, so a restore really has no effect except for Local Folder data and settings. If you have deleted a message from the server, the restored message will also be deleted as the server store is considered the master list. If you have data in a backup that has since been deleted from the server, you can disconnect from the Internet and do the restore. Then move the data you want to keep to Local Folders before connecting to the Internet again. If you can’t see the Local Folders, you can enable them in Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Show Local Folders. Once the account has synced with the server, you can move the data from Local Folders back to the IMAP folders. It will then be uploaded to the server. Messages since the last backup will still be on the server, so unless you have deleted them, there is no need to export them before the restore.

If you have not chosen to download messages for offline use, a backup of IMAP messages will be useless if the messages have been deleted from the server. The setting for offline use is in the IMAP tab for your account settings in Menu > Tools > Accounts and needs to have been set before the backup.

After this kind of restore, there is always the chance of duplicate messages. eM Client has a handy Deduplicator (Menu > Tools > Deduplicator) to assist with removing these.

To overcome server storage limits, you can save messages to an external location on your hard disk by export or save as, whichever will work best for your needs. You can also keep the messages in eM Client and just move them to Local Folders, or use eM Client’s Automatic Archive function. This implementation of archiving moves messages from the sever to local folders to reduce server space.