back up

New user and really like eM C but I am slightly confused about back-ups.

I went into settings and created my file path (an external hard drive) and said do this daily.  However, I want to do it daily at a time of my choice so I guess I would use the drop down (file/backup).  So what purpose does the “daily” setting serve?

Also, it seems to save a zip file - in the event of a disaster can I recover everything from this/

Many thanks.

there are 2 ways to back up. You either do it manually through the File>Backup option at the time you choose OR you set up an automatic backup that will happen once a day after you shut down eM Client.
You do not need to have Backup enabled in settings to use the manual one.
As for the zip file - this zip file has everything it needs to restore all your settings, setups and local data through the File>Restore… option.


Many thanks Olivia!