Avatar cannot be changed


A client of us has EM Client 8.2.1237.0. They want to edit their avatar but that seems impossible.
We tried .png, .jpg and .ico files but every time the avatar is not saved and the old one (some stupid WP avatar) keeps jumping up.

We also deleted the avatar/cache but that didn´t helped either.

Is this a bug?

Hope for an answer.

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No, not a bug.

Avatars are for display purposes only, not sent with the message, so the user can just disable avatars in eM Client at Menu > Settings > Contacts.

But the avatar is retrieved from an online source, so recipient’s email clients will get it from there as well. Best option is to change it with Gravatar (WP) or any other service like Google profiles where it may be saved. That is the best option and the only way to influence what other will see.

Thank you for your answer and time to respond.

This helped us a lot! :slight_smile:

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