AVAST and EM Client

i use Avast Premier and i cant use the IMAP 993 Port, with the 3th option (use on the port…) of ssl. Sometimes it works for a while then not. i change it into port 143 1th option (Use ssl, if it is available). The Mailserver is from estugo.de. I write in IMAP Host “wwwXX.estugo.de” (XX is a no. of the server)

  1. How i can use the IMAP Port 993. What option in avast i must change that it works.
  2. What is the different between Port 143 and 993

Thanks for help

I would suggest to login to the Avast Forum as it has info on how to get Avast working with EM Client & other email clients. It will be some configuration SSL problem within Avast that you need to enable.


If you have a paid version you can also contact Avast Technical support directly via https://support.avast.com/en-us/contact/ 

Port 993 is the default for secure Imap connections. Port 143 is a non encrypted port.

Most default IMAP setups are eg: Port 993 and Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)