Available Columns in Inbox

I have two email addresses. When I am in my Inbox, I can see who has sent me a message, but I can’t see which of my two addresses has received the message.
Is it not possible to add a “To” column to the Inbox view?

Right-click the column heading line
Click “columns configuration”
Click “To”
Click “Add”
Click “OK”


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Thanks for taking the trouble to respond and for the suggestion.
Sadly when I tried this, there was no “To” option among the available columns.
Maybe I have a different version of eMC, but my competence doesn’t run to finding the version number. I always agree to any update, so I should be on the latest.

Menu > Help > About = Your version of eMC

Available eMC Versions

The To option is not available when you are using Conversations.

First disable them by selecting Menu > View > Conversations > Disable Conversations, then try again.

Thank you - worked a treat!
Bob Fletcher