Availability of Android sync?

Once em Client offers synchronization with Android I will like to upgrade my subscription from a free licence to a paid licence. When sync with Android is going to be available? How should I perform this upgrade.

I got this direct from eM and it works a treat:

yes you can sync data from sync2em account with Android, however
Android’s support for Exchange protocol is rather limited.
You can set it up (in Android) with these steps:

  1. Settings
  2. Account and sync
  3. Button Add account at the bottom
  4. Corporate or Exchange (depends on phone producer and OS version)
  5. Email address/id is your sync2em address (like johnbrown@sync2em.com).
    Password is your sync2em password.
  6. Use secure connection = checked, Accept all SSL certificates = Unchecked
  7. set additional settings according to account wizard (it differs with specific phone producer or OS version)

Michael Burger
eM Client


Does this work with a pop account as well as exchange?

Sync2eM only allows synchronization and backup of your calendars, contacts and tasks from your eM Client. If there are exchange items, they will be synchronized but eM Client doesn’t support exchange calendars and contacts directly yet.

Actually not working on Samsung Galaxy SII 2.3.3 version.
Any working idea ?
It’s great to promote something, but would be better if it would really work in general…

Are you sure you followed the instruction at http://www.emclient.com/sync2em , section Supported devices->Android ?

First the term corporate isn’t used anymore on Android devices , second when trying with exchange it doesn’t work at all saying it can’t reach the server. (and yes internet was working, trying with Wifi And phone internet), just looks like it doesn’t handle correctly with exchange as sync method).

You should review your instruction using proper and actual terms and check with recent devices.

I saw on the forums that i’m not the only one having issues with this…

Any other idea ?

The only other way would be to select “Server” but then you have to give the DB name for each category you want to sync, what we don’t have.

the service was temporary unavailable yesterday due to some changes in software. Can you please try it now?

Thank you for the reply, it is all working fine now :wink:
Happy to hear it was just a temporary issue (a little news about it would have been great btw.).
Thank you :wink: