Automaticly creates middle names?

In contacts, in the FULL NAME box, when I enter a two part first name (i.e. Mary Ann, David Lee, Da ja) eM makes MaryDavid/Da a first name and Ann/Lee/ja a middle name, which is totally incorrect. I cannot find a way to get around this. No matter how many time I delete the middle name, as long as there’s a space in the first name it CREATES a middle name from anything after the space. In today’s age, there are many first names with a space, so this is a problem. Is there any way to override this name-butchering feature without adding hyphens, underlines, etc. which are not part of the name? Outside of this issue, I’ve been using eM for about 2 years and LOVE it! :slight_smile:


I am not experiencing this behaviour in newest (internal) 6th version beta, have I understood it right that you click on full name… button and then in given name you put Marry Ann and in surname surname and then when you click on okay and save it shows (after opening that contact) Ann in middle name?