Automatically selecting alias when replying mostly fails

While eM Client attempts to automatically select the correct alias when replying to a message, it misses many obvious cases where the address matches and instead uses the default address.

For example, if I have an alias for [email protected] and someone sends me a message addressed to [email protected], it correctly matches. But if some sends to [email protected] or [email protected], it does not match.

Also, I prefer to define the alias as "Joe Smith ", since this shows the correct name in the Sent field. However, nothing matches when this is set.

Same here. I didn’t think automatic selection of alias was a feature as it doesn’t work for me at all (like you I enter aliases as "Name ") - I came on here to ask about it.

Seems like it should be a simple thing to get working?

thank you for pointing this out, we’ll try to fix this issue in next releases.


Thanks, that would be great!

I’ve noticed the reply above has cut out the angle brackets. To be clear, the format I am using for the email alias (and presumably Martin is also) is like this:

My Name ˂[email protected]˃


One of the reasons I recently switched from Outlook to eMClient is the ability to use Aliases and a much better support for IMAP. I’m using it for a week now and I’m pretty satisfied so far.

I also discovered that alias matching is case sensitive which is bit strange because e-mail addresses are always treated as case independent. For me it would help a lot to make alias matching case insensitive.

Thanks in advance, Ton

Hi Ton, in most cases, yes, email addresses are case insensitive, however some mail servers still have a case sensitive mailbox ID.

Was any progress ever made with the original issue? I’ve never seen any improvement - aliases for me are never automatically selected because I use a name as well as an address in the email alias.

Hi Andy, this is unfortunately an unsupported format, to enter an alias you have to insert the e-mail address in the correct “[email protected]” format.

Thanks for the reply, Paul.

If it’s unsupported to include readable names in the alias address, where do we put the names? If you include only an email address, the ‘from’ field of all sent mail shows only that email address, which looks very crude.

Perhaps the alias list needs two fields: name and address.

Hi Martin, thank you for the suggestion, custom alias ID’s are currently not supported either. We’re working on including this feature in future releases of eM Client.

Exactly Martin.

Paul, you say the ‘correct’ format but according to the official email specification RFC5322 the format of using angle brackets to include names is completely correct and supported. 

What you’re suggesting is that the function of email aliases is only to change the address portion, and that the name portion should always be the same. This is nonsense, if aliases were that restrictive they’d be of very limited use.

This bug was reported to you over a year ago, and it is a bug not a feature request. Please could you confirm when it will be resolved as it is a very annoying problem.

Using brackets for specifying the display name in the message’s source is a valid interpretation of the sender’s information. However the application does not currently support custom ID’s for aliases, thus entering the bracket into your aliases settings can not force to display a different User ID when sending.

As I suggested before, we’re working on including custom Alias ID’s in future releases of the application.