Automatically flag all new emails

Is it possible to automatically flag all new emails?
Rules doesn’t seems to have that option.
I want every new email to show up as task, so I don’t forget to handle them.

Unfortunately it is not possible to use the flag option in Rules, but that has been requested more than once as a feature we would like to see.

However, all new emails are actually flagged in that they are marked as unread, so they appear separately in the Unread Smart Folder. I know that is not actually what you want, but that is kind of the idea behind that Smart Folder. The downside of course is that as soon as it is marked as read it is removed from the Unread Folder.

What I do with emails from specific sources, is I have a Rule to categorize them with a To-Do category. Then when they arrive they are automatically categorized and will remain so until I remove the category. I then have a Search Folder that displays emails in only that category, and that is basically my task list for the day.

Thanks for the reply.
I’m using the exact workaround, but it’s not the same.