Automatically displaying images in emails

eM is the closest email client I’ve found to what I really need to be more productive on my desktop. But there’s one feature missing that really, really irks me. Microsoft Mail calls it a “Safe Sender’s list”. Where people on this list, images are automatically downloaded. But in eM, every time I get an email I have to go and click on “Display Images”.

Is there a reason eM doesn’t have a safe sender’s list? Is it just something that hasn’t been gotten to yet?

Can you guys please implement a safe sender’s list? I’ve been using eM a few months now, and I still have gotten used to not having one, still irritates me.


Whitelist for contact’s images is already implemented in 6th version beta, in 5th version you can enable images in Tools - Settings - Mail - Privacy.


Great, thank you! It was really weird to me the feature wasn’t in there. But apparently it’s just a matter of not having gotten to it before the last release…

you are welcome :slight_smile: We are currently backporting into 5th version only fixed issues, features are added into only into 6th version.


Yeah, that makes sense.

Any idea when version 6 will be released yet?

Another thing I’m hoping they add is when I leave eM running in the background, occasionally it have some trouble logging in, and when I sit down at my computer, there will be some ugly error message sitting there waiting for me. But I play with eM a little and everything seems to be working fine. I’m thinking this is because eM is reporting errors to the user that other mail clients simply safely ignore. Any idea if they’ll start ignoring those errors in v6?

It’s a great email client, doing way more than anything else I’ve tried. Or at least doing way more and doing it well, unlike other clients I’ve tried. It’s just that there are a few little quirks with it, like the two I’m talking about here and the other thread I participated in that talks about auto-added contacts that get in the way and clutter things up.

6th version was released at Wednesday.

Those error messages can be turned of in Tools - Settings - General - General - operations windows section and uncheck “show windows when an error occurs”