Automatically deleting old emails. Help!

Hello, I recently set up an email account on eM Client via IMAP and ever since then, all my emails up to a certain date are automatically deleted (usually aprox 3-4 days prior to date of deletion) and don’t show up anywhere

I have combed through the settings, removed all rules, tried messing with the spam filter, made sure auto archiving was off and so many more things to no avail. I have also called the isp that serves my email and they assured me the deletion wasn’t occurring of their side.

I’m stumped! Please let me know if you think you have a solution or some suggestions. Thanks again!

Thanks everyone! Top notch customer support!

Sorry Ryan, this is a tough one. I looked at your problem when you posted it, but I am also stumped. I think you have covered just about every possibility, so what can I suggest?

You don’t have an Android or iOS device connecting to this account?

After reading the first paragraph, my first thought and the most likely, was automatic archiving because that is the only way to move messages based on age in eM Client. But then they would not just disappear, they would be in local folders somewhere. Unless you enabled auto archiving, I see no way that could have happened.

It can’t be a rule because rules only deal with messages as they arrive not after a few days, unless they are run manually. But they can’t have age as an argument anyway, so you can’t have a rule to delete messages older than 3 days. Spam filter is also unlikely because they would disappear immediately, not after a few days. But you covered all those.

Which leaves your ISP, who says they are not responsible.

I assume that the messages are also gone from the server, they weren’t just moved to trash, or to some other folders that aren’t visible in IMAP? If they were disappearing from the server and you were using POP3, that would be quite normal, and could be changed in your settings, but you are using IMAP. Unless you are also accessing this account by POP3 from somewhere?

I guess that nobody here has any suggestions otherwise you would have had a reply, which is generally how this community support forum works. It is unusual for Customer Support to comment on this forum. They usually respond to questions pretty quickly through the support page for Pro License users though.

Yeah putting customer support behind a paywall is pretty frustrating, granted I knew that going in. Really upset with myself for trying a new email client and not just sticking with what I know.

I really appreciate your comment and the time you put into it but i just finished switching back over to what I’ve used for years - Thunderbird.