Automatically create a desktop shortcut

Just an idea to make eM Client a tiny bit more ‘user friendly’. I can get by without it but it’s a bit tedious.

On the last screen after installation, there are three check-box options (make default email client, start with windows, and launch now). How about a 4th one, to create a desktop shortcut? This is something that everyone uses every day, while programs like Adobe Acrobat that no-one ever has to open manually automatically creates a desktop shortcut - not just on installation but at every minor dot-version update. So annoying.

Whereas eM Client can only be started from the [Start] menu or you can create the shortcut if you know what you are doing (Run → shell:appsfolder → drag + drop but how many users would have aclue how to do that?)

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Just drag n drop a link on the Desktop straight from the Start Menu…