Automatically complete email addresses when composing emails is ticked but it doesn't work

Automatically complete email addresses when composing is ticked but does not work

The way that works is as you type the first letters of the address or name, suggestions will be provided from Contacts.

So the obvious question is, do you have either a contact for the address you are typing, or is the address included in the recipients history?

Thanks for the quick reply
Yes the address is in the contacts folder. I have tried several times with different contacts but none of the addresses get completed.c

What version of eM Client are you using? If it is not the latest, can you download from and install the update. See if that makes any difference.

I was using 7.1.31849.0 & have just updated to 7.1.31991.0 but problem is still there.

I have tried unticking & re-starting windows then ticking  & re-stating but still no luck

Does the contact have a valid email address, or even have an email address at all? I know that contacts without email addresses will not be offered as options.

Also, if you click on the word To in the new mail window, does the address book popup with the contact listed? Again, it will only list contacts that have email addresses.

There are 134 persons listed under “contacts” all with valid email addresses.

If I do as you suggest & click on TO only 7 of my contacts are listed &. for those 7 autofill works OK

John, I wonder if you could send me one of the contacts that you tried that doesn’t work. In the Contacts tab, right-click on the contact and choose Save as. This will save the contact as a vcf file. Then send me an email at [email protected] with the vcf file as an attachment.

Thanks John. That contact does not have an email address.

Well, that’s not strictly true because the contact’s full name is in the first name field, and the email address is in the surname field, but the email address field is empty. eM Client sees this as the contact having no email address therefore not an option in auto complete.

Did you perhaps import your contacts from somewhere?

Well done Garry, you have solved the problem. I did import from a previous contact list in Windows LiveMail which always auto-filled the addresses.

I have now edited a contact to remove the email address & put it in  + Add Email box & it now works OK.

I will now do the same with other 126 contacts to rectify the problem

It’s a mystery why 7 were OK & the others were not.

Thanks again for spending so much time solving the problem