Automatically choose correct account to send from, when using two e-mails aliased as one?

I have two e-mailadresses:, which is a real e-mailaccount, and, which is an alias which ends up in the info-mailbox.

I made a new account in eM called, which enables me to send emails from that address.

When someone sends an email to sales@ and i press reply (from within the info-mailbox), the selected account is still info@.

Is it possible to set eM up, so that I can use 2 emails that both share one mailbox, and make the reply-to autodetect which I send from? This doesn’t work in Outlook either, but several web mail systems, Roundcube for example, handles this very well.

Thanks a lot, I like eM much better than Thunderbird, I guess i expected too much from Mozilla :slight_smile:

Hello, we have this feature on a road plan for version 2.8, so stay tuned.

Thanks for an awesome qucik reply. Just found your software today and it surely kicks butt. I currently only have 2 accounts, but I’ll probably buy to get my 3rd account it if I still love it after a week of testing! :slight_smile: