Automatic reply with outlook/hotmail


I was trying to set up a automatic reply with eM7.
I have 2 accounts, gmail and outlook (hotmail).
I have been able to set and automatic reply for gmail, but on the selection drop menu, outlook dos not show up.

As far as I know the automatic reply will only work if your account is setup as Exchange.

Yes outlook is set up as exchange, otherwise I got problem in downloading the mail.

Not sure Gennaro. I just setup an account as Exchange, and the Automatic Replies option is there. Maybe check with Support to see if there is some issue with your account.

I start to think I did not set up exchange :slight_smile:

That is easy to check. Go to Menu > Tools > Accounts and click on your account. The tabs on the right should look like this:

Thank you Gary.
As I suspected it does not look like that .

To setup the account as Exchange, add a new account by clicking the + icon, then choose Mail > Exchange.