Automatic Read/Received Receipts For Specific Contacts

I want to be able to automatically send read/received receipts to specific contacts regardless of settings…can this be done?

If not, can this be added to the Rules in future versions?


Tools - Settings - Mail - Receipts

Hi George,

Not what I meant…

When I receive emails from specific Contacts, I want MY eM Client to AUTOMATICALLY send the SENDER/Contact a read receipt…regardless of Receipts settings.

I tried to accomplish this by creating a rule, but sending a Read receipt wasn’t an option.

Thanks for the quick reply!


In reading your post, I am slightly confused. Are you asking if “individual contacts will have a read receipt” - rather than the general setting of all messages that are sent will request a read receipt to the message.

I have certain contacts in my Contact folder that I want eM Client to AUTOMATICALLY send a Read Receipt whenever they send me an email…regardless of how the Receipts settings are configured.


1 - In my Settings, I have Read Receipts set to ASK me each time.

2 - I have a Contacts named John Doe & Jane Doe.

3 - When ever I RECEIVE and email from John or Jane Doe, I want eM Client to AUTOMATICALLY send them a Read Receipt WITHOUT asking me and even if they haven’t requested one.

I want to do this for a number of *special* contacts only.

Does this explain it better?

Thanks for the reply,

It is clear now and I am sure that eM Support will be ring in on this.

Thank you for clarification - we will consider your suggestion. Please create new topic (Idea) so people can vote for it. Thank you.

Thanks for the reply George…did as you suggested.