automatic imprtant filter sort of

Is there a way to stop eM from putting things in the important folder? It is collecting mail from google and seems to use googles assessment of if its important to catagorise it. The google filter is useless it marks everything as important. I would like to manually put things in the important folder


this is something you need to set on Gmail web interface as eM Client downloads all emails to same folders as they are on the server.

Basically if Google label something as important in that moment it will put that email into specified folder and eM Client will download email/s form that folder on server into same folder in eM Client.

with regards

so the answer is no. it would be handy if people could set eM to only collect form the in box. Google think 95% of may mail is important. It is a common frustration with Google.

Thanks for the fast answer anyway.

you’re welcome :slight_smile: