Automatic hide notification window on read / fast reply

I like this application. I see a little problem with notification only.
At first: I would like, if notification windows will hide automatically, when new incomming chat message is readed. I thing, that we can mark message as readed, when I focus the message Window (and specific tab).
The Second: When I use “fast reply” in notification Windows, it is more natural, if I will see sended message, not incomming message. Or notification windows can close.
Have a nice day. Martin Zaloudek, Czech republic.

Hi, in Tools - Settings - General - Notifications, do you have set “Hide popup window after … miliseconds”?


no I haven’t, intentionally. I think, you do not understand my idea:
There it can come situation that I’m on PC when message arrived. Good idea is to show message until I will come back to PC. But if message is readed, it is nonsense to let message displayed perstitently.

In pseudo-code:

// hide all notitfication on message read
ChatWindow.onFocusEvent = function() {
// …

// don’t show notification if I have opened window with chat
NewMessageArrivedEvent = function() {
if (not ChatWindow.isFocused()) {
ShowPopupNotification(“New message blabla…”);
} else { /* don’t show anything */ }
// …

I hope, my pseudo-code explained my idea. :slight_smile: Have a nice day.