Automatic encryption for selected contacts


is there a way to automaticaly encrypt while sending only for specified e-mails? If not it would be great to have such option (like a enryption white list).

For now I see that the only options are to either
enable for all or
for none or
to indivualy select everytime when sending.

This makes it easy to forget encrypting and makes the use of e-mail encryption not very intuitive.

Thanks in advance

eM Client will only encrypt to those recipients whose public keys you have.

So set eM Client to encrypt by default, and if you don’t want to encrypt to recipient A automatically, don’t add his public key to eM Client.

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This option does its job. Using it since that. Thank you!

@Gary I started using eM Client and set it to encrypt by default. However, when sending e-mail to recipients whose keys are not available, a popup windows always requires me to confirm that I want to send that particular message unencrypted. Is there a way to tell eM Client to “encrypt by default if a key is available” ?


I think you have that setting already selected, so every message you send will be encrypted, as long as you have the recipient’s public key. If you don’t have their key, then you are given the popup asking if you to confirm you want to send unencrypted.

Right, but is there a way to avoid the popup every time?

Yes, turn off encryption by default.

Then if you send a message to someone you don’t have a public key for, you will not be reminded that you are sending it unencrypted.