Automatic deletion of files

My ‘sent’ and ‘trash’ folders are automatically deleting files in them without any instruction? These are files that have been downloaded from my ISP and reside on my hard drive.

Hello Chris, what mail service/account type are you using with eM Client? Are you using any IMAP account, or are these items saved in your local folder? What version of eM Client are you currently using on your computer, can you please check the exact release number in Help > About?

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Hey Paul,

First it seems to be deleting all new e-mails regardless of which folder they are in once I shut down my computer.  For instance, I saw this response in my inbox this morning from you, had to go out so left it there , turned off my computer, came back , booted up and it was gone along with three other new e-mails in my inbox.  I left five e-mails in my trash folder and they have gone too.  The ‘empty trash on exit’ box is NOT checked on settings either.  I am losing important messages!

My ISP is 1and1 webmail and I have my own domain.  Mail from their server is automatically downloaded to my computer hard drive when I hit the ‘send/receive’ button.  i have two accounts: is a pop and is IMAP. My release number is 6.022344.0

If you’re using a POP account, please make sure you have your server settings setup accordingly to your preferences in Tools > Accounts > Your account > POP3 > Server settings, as some of the options may include automatic mail deletion. However I doubt any of the setting could remove my morning message.

Please navigate to Tools > Settings > Advanced and enable POP3/IMAP settings if your items are being removed. Also make sure you don’t have the automatic archiving enabled, which could also automatically remove your items from your inbox. Are those missing messages still available on the server? Unfortunately I’m unable to replicate this issue…


Your e-mail came in and disappeared again along with two other messages.  One I answered and the reply also disappeared. Now the authentication is failing from the server and asking me for a password which has not been changed.  I have no idea what the original password was but I go through three I use for such and eventually the mail streams in on one of them. Then the next time I access send/receive it fails again it.

1and1 does not archive e-mails that have been downloaded from the webmail inbox. Now I am getting desperate and will have to deactivate e-mail Client completely before I lose any more important files. Also every e-mail I have sent out and which has loaded into my ‘sent’ file has gone.

it seems this happens every now and again with this product:

Crankie Frankie Jerkić Anybody know why eM Client every now and then it just decides to delete all my email’s in the Inbox, sent, drafts etc, I logged in and there is not one email anywhere just completely blank, was very happy with eM untill it started doing wat ever it wanted and I lost everything, Grrrrrrrr still angry frown emoticon
August 22, 2014 at 4:38pm

eM Client Please contact our support at so we can investigate the problem. Also make sure you use the latest version. One of our minor updates was botched and reached several customers and it caused incorrect synchronization on IMAP resulting in the Inbox or Sent folders appearing empty. No mails were deleted however and it could be easily fixed by choosing the Repair option in Folder properties. We have issued a fix immediately.

Hello again, I have never came across an issue that would automatically remove your messages, these kind of issues are usually due to an existing rule, spam filter or incorrect application settings. If you’re still experiencing this, please navigate to Tools > Settings > Advanced and enable IMAP logging for the problematic account.

Save the settings and replicate the issue, make sure no rules or filters are enabled and try to disable any security software that might be causing this (spam filters). Once the issue reoccurs and you notice that some of your recent messages have been removed, restart the application and go back to the advanced settings window to submit the logging data.

Use the “Send logs” button and submit the logging data to my work mail, with a reference link to this forum topic.

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