Automatic date/time on new e-mail.

How can I set a model to automaticaly show the date just as the excel formula “=TODAY()”?

Hi Guilherme,
I must admit I am not quite sure what date you mean to change. New email will have the date and time when you send it. Could you please explain what you mean?


Hey, Olivia, 
sorry for the long time. Some e-mail clients, such as Outlook, have a formula that automaticaly shows the actual date. 

In Outlook, if I open a new e-mail, it’s already pre-filled with “Castro [//which is my city], 28/04/2016 [//which is today’s date]” automaticaly. There’s an formula for that, and such doesn’t work on eM Client. To see an live example, open Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice Calc and type “=TODAY()” (no quotation marks) and it’ll automaticaly shows the date.

Hello Guilherme,
go to the Menu Insert>Variable inside the new message window and look at the variables eM Client supports, if you click it, the formula will be inserted in your message.
They will be in these breackets {} - for example, today’s date is {date}.