Automatic backup does not run

The backup frequency is set to one day, but it doesn’t run daily. The last one was 9 days ago, before that there was a 3 day gap. I can’t rely on it at all.

What version of eM Client are you using?

Version 7.2.36908.0

Can you do a manual backup using Menu > File > Backup?

How much free space do you have on your hard disk?

Go to Menu > Tools > Operations, and look in the Log tab for any errors associated with the backup.

Yes, manual backup works. Thanks for pointing this out. I didn’t know about it.
There are no log errors and I have several hundred GB of HDD space free.
Still no evidence of any daily backups. I have it set to 1/day with a limit of 5.

Maybe change the backup location in Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Backup. While you are there make sure Periodic Backup is checked.

Something else you can look at is to open Windows Task Scheduler and see if the task is enabled. Once it is created in eM Client it passes it over to Task Scheduler, so that even if eM Client is not running, the backups can happen.

Your suggestions revealed something interesting. 

First, when I run the backup from the Menu, it runs ok and puts the backup in the custom folder specified in the settings. A search of the HD found no other similarly named backup files anywhere else.

Second, I was surprised to find that the history for the em Client backup (in Windows Task Manager) says the task runs every day! It seems to quit immediately. The Windows event manager shows the task successfully ran today, yet no backup file was created!

Delete the entry from Windows Task Scheduler. Back in eM Client untick the Enable periodic backup option in the backup settings and click apply. Tick the Enable periodic backup option again and click apply. This should recreate the Task Scheduler item. See what happens.

In a round-about way this fixed the problem. First I noticed that the new task wasn’t created until many minutes after I disabled and re-enabled backups from within em Client. Since I didn’t see the new task right away, I restarted em Client, so I don’t know if that’s what caused it to eventually appear in the task manager.

However when I changed the start time for the task to run a few minutes later (so I didn’t have to wait a day to see if it would run) I noticed something different - besides having the backup run as expected. Previously whenever I attempted to change the start time, I was always prompted to enter my user password before Windows accepted the change to the task. This time it did not. I’m thinking that something about user access was blocking the task from running and your idea of having em Client recreate the task eliminated that issue so now the task runs as expected.

Thanks very much for the help.

When you create a backup in eM Client, it will not run immediately, but after a few minutes. So if you create the automatic backup at 8.15, it will not run the first time till 8.17 or so. That it where the delay was from. That is also the time it will run every day/week/month whatever you set.

Now that it is working correctly both in eM Client and Windows Task Scheduler, you can change the time it runs if that is something you want. You do that in the Task Scheduler.