Automatic Archiving -

I have several eMail addresses. gmail, bigpond, telstra and orange.
I have enabled Automatic Archiving.
It is working perfectly for all eMail addresses except
Archiving for this one EMail address is not working at all. Nothing under Archive and no eMails being removed after the 60 days as required.

The first thing to check is in Menu > Settings > Mail > Automatic Archiving that you have selected which folders to archive.

So in this example, if automatic archiving was to be enabled, Account 1 will archive all folders but Account 3 won’t archive anything because no folders are specified.

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All of the accounts are set to All Mail Folders and have been since I enabled Automatic Archiving.
All of them worked except for
Orange has now worked, five days after all the others; I had clicked on Perform Archiving on day 2, but nothing seemed to happen.
In any event, everything is working fine now.