automatic archiving misses sent folder


I am preferring eM Client due to the delayed send feature and the automatic archiving of my IMAP account. But the latter feature merely deletes older sent mails from the server without storing a local copy in Archive. So they get lost. The other folders seem to be fully saved including trash. So what’s wrong?

Version: 7.1.33101.0
Licence: free
Archive every 30 days
Archive messages older than 730 days
Archiving Scope: all mail folders

Thanks for any help.

It should copy them to the local folder-- make sure that local folders are set to display by going to menu/tools/settings/general and in the General section, make sure “Show local folders” is checked.

Sorry, I misread your post.  only sent items are not displaying?

Idk, I can’t even get auto-archive to work with gmail, I just assumed it was a gmail thing.

OK, well I just learned something… In the auto archiving function, there is a pull-down to determine which folders are to be archived.  Select “All Mail Folders” to ensure sent items are also archived.