Automatic archiving feature (how to)

Hi, I’d like to archive old mails in a folder on my computer, for example from an account all received and sent mails from february 24th 2012 to december 29th 2013. In automatic archive it seems possible only with days number indication, not from date to date. Do you think it’s possible? If yes, could you explain step by step (I don’t want to loose the mails).

Unfortunately it is not possible to archive messages from a specified interval, you can only archive all emails using the specified option, older than X days. Note that while using IMAP accounts, archiving messages only removes the copy from your mail server to keep it locally.

This has been used in order to clear mailbox space on the mail server while the mailbox size limits were restricted, most common servers today however often enough space to store your messages as long as you use the account right on your mail server.

Thanks Paul. At this moment I’m moving mails I want to archive to local folders. Then I export them in .eml in a folder on my computer. It seems to work.

Glad it works, please make sure to let us know if any other questions or issues arise.