Automatic archiving emails sent

the mails are not archived automatically as the rule set

Hi Giuseppe, not completely sure what you’re referring to, if you want to use the automatic archiving feature, you have to setup the archiving scope for your account, are you having issues with this setup?

Can you please make a screenshot of the automatic archiving setup from Tools > Settings > Mail > Automatic archiving and check the exact version number of eM Client, that you’re currently using on your computer in Help > About?

Thank you,

Good morning Paul, the version of eM Client is in use
N ° 6.0.21372.0. I have problems with the automatic configuration of the email sent.
my setting is tools>rules>new rele>After people>Contacts>ok Move to folder>ok

sorry! thank you

Hi, Rules are not used for archiving messages, if you’re having issues with a rule being processed, please make a screenshot of the rule settings from the rule details window?

Also please note that only newly received unread email can be processed by your rule, if you’ve read the message on another device, when using IMAP, such message would no longer be processed.