Automatic Archiving - Can it be stopped?

I started automatic archiving as a test, with just ONE of my 5 IMAP accounts (a Gmail account) set to archive any folders. eM Client has been very unresponsive for hours, and no Archive folders have shown up yet, so it appears that it must be churning through ALL of my work related Gmail accounts, and has not even gotten to my personal Gmail yet.

Is there any way to stop the auto archiving process? I sure don’t want to crash eM Client by just killing it, and risk corruption of the database.

I’ll reply and say that while I was gone to lunch, the auto archiving completed. I’ll be sure to NOT have that happen during the work day, as it bogs eM Client down for several hours.

It shouldn’t do that again. From now on, it will archive smaller quantities of messages. e.g., every week it will move 1 week’s worth of messages.

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