automate email export

How do I Automate Email Export (or is it even possible)? I currently run an automated backup on a monthly basis, but the files it creates in the .zip folder are essentially useless for searching/reading. And “restoring” them to read in emClient is not an option.
Export does just what I want it to do (the .eml files it creates are readable and easily searchable), but it apears I can only perform an export manually. Is there a way to automate it?

Yes, the backup is a zip file of an SQL database, so it is not readable or searchable unless you use an SQL interface. It is also not meant for archiving, as restoring it will not add to the current database, it will completely replace it.

Unfortunately there is no way in eM Client to automatically export messages.

OK. Will Microsoft Access read them, then, or would I need to read them via something like SQLite?

MS Access is not a SQL database but I think it may support tSQL. You would have to see if that works but I really don’t know. SQLite will would work but either will be a bit cumbersome because you will have to extract the backup zip file first.

Exporting is still the better option because you already know that the result works for you. Depending on how you do it, it should be a snap. Go to Menu > File > Export > Export messages to eml. Select the Check all option, then Next , and Finish. Go get a coffee and before you get back you will have a nice directory structure containing all your messages. The nice thing about this is when you do it again the next month, it will just replace those that are duplicates from the previous export, and add the newer ones to the structure.

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Thanks, Gary.Yeah, I was just really hoping hrere was a way to automate the export, but I can deal with that! I apprecaite the quick reponses! (by the way, with Access one can structure an SQL query - but I do agree; Access is not strictly a relational database) Thanks again!

You can use the “DB Browser for SQLite”.