Auto fill taking too much time

Hi there!!!

I am getting a NEW problem here…

Now, everytime I start to write a recipient’s name at the TO: field, the program tries to auto complete that, and is a very good feature.

BUT, it hangs and stays stucked there (not reponding) for about 1 or 2 minutes…

It happens everytime I try to find something like messagens contents ou senders, too…

What can I do to fix that?

Hi Marcelo,

How are you?

Oh, you are having a problem with eM Client and no one answer your question?


That’s “ok”, nevermind…

Just keep waiting for the entire system get back everytime you start to write a recipient email address.

What is 1 or 2 minutes waiting for that everytime you’ll send a message anyway,?

  • Well, now I have an answer here, thanks…

Hi Marcelo, if the application is not responding, please download this tool, and run it while the application is stuck, the file will generate a stack dump file in your documents folder, please submit this file to my email along with a reference link to this forum topic for more information (

Also please note that eM client is a paid application for business/commercial use, and if you’re in need of a first hand priority support, purchasing the application will entitle you to access the priority support at

Thank you for understanding,

Hi Paul,

I could pay for that if I had money AND an International credit-card.
But after these bunch of problems and issues, I don’t think I should spend money with that at this moment.

The program need a lot of improvements.

So, I hope you don’t get me wrong, and I think that you’re doing a really good job.
But I am counting cents to get food to my kids… (for real…)

I just receive that in priveted message - I hope you all understande WHY…

"Hi Marcelo, we’ve noticed in the community support that you’ve found some issues with the application, first of all we’ll be very happy to assist you while resolving these as we did in the past. However you yourself noted in the community support that the application is being used for commercial (sales) purposes, and as I’ve also previously implied, it is unfortunately not possible to use the application for these purposes without a valid PRO license.

I’d like to inform you that eM Client is currently having a Black Friday specials and you should be able to obtain a valid license for a smaller amount of money than what you might have seen previously on our website.

However I must point out that unless you obtain a PRO license in next 24 hours we’ll be forced to disable your current license as by using the Free license you’re now acting against the Terms of Use that you’ve agreed with by installing the application.

Thank you for understanding,

Best regards,
Paul McGregor
Technical Support
eM Client "

Well, I’m going back to Thunderbird guys…
…I don’t have money enough to feed my kids and this guys are forcing me to buy their program…

And all I did was ask a question about a missbehavior when I start to write something in “TO:” field and the search fields and the program tries to auto-fill that…