Auto-expanding nicknames into email addresses

Thank you for providing a free version of this great software!

I have a suggested tweak: it would be great if eM Client auto-expanded nicknames into email addresses (without the need to select a name from the pop-up list).
I use the nickname field extensively. But at the moment, when I type a nickname, I have to pause for the auto-complete options to show up, and then I have to select one of the options. If what one types is an exact match for an existing nickname, one shouldn’t need to pause and select: the address should be auto-expanded automatically as soon as one presses “tab”.

When you type the nickname, it should show the exact match at the top of the list. Just hit tab and you can start typing the next recipient.

That works except when my mouse cursor is over one of the other options, in which case the other option is selected. Ideally, I’d like to skip the list altogether: I would type the nickname, immediately press “tab” (no delay, no list), and eM Client would then auto-expand the nickname when it sends the message.