Auto expand quoted text

It would be useful to include an option in the Read section of Email settings, where quoted text can be expanded by default regardless of conversation settings. Currently quotes are expanded only when conversations are disabled.

This is particularly important when receiving forwarded messages in which there is no sender comment as, in conversation views, the email at first glance appears empty unless the dots are clicked to expand the quoted text.


Agree, when someone forwards me an email, I see an empty email in em client until I click the three dots icon, and must click it every time I get to that email.
Forwarded message hiding could be an option, but never a default feature.
User will decide if he wants to hide the content of received items.
Please, disable this feature and create an option to enable it.

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I agree this would be great. Most of the daily newsletter emails contain quoted text blocks, which EM client auto-hides.

I see this post is two years old, but still no solution?   I love the way EM Client does conversation mode in the message view only, but the 3 dots are annoying.   I have a client that responds with “Thank you” or “OK”, and I have to click the 3 dots to see what she is approving.  

eM Client Inc. only considers ideas where there is sufficient interest. As I only received two votes on this idea I proposed, it is unlikely that anything will happen. ;-(

Maybe you could also vote, Barbara!

Upvoting this. I don’t want my emails abbreviated and I don’t want to have to click on the three dots to read them. And, this doesn’t only happen with quoted text. This feature should be optional. Thanks!

It is optional. You can disable it in Menu > View > Conversations > Disable Conversations.

Thank you for your reply! But this is not in a conversation. It is in a new email I just got that is not part of a thread. The three dots are hiding part of the email copy and I have to click on them to read the email.

I suppose you can consider that the quoted text in the message does make it a conversation.

This is a feature of conversation mode that hides quoted text behind the three dotes. To disable the dots, disable conversations.

Thanks again! It’s not quoted text, either, but maybe it misreads it since it was sent from a mass email platform. Only one paragraph is hidden and the rest of the text in the same container is not hidden. So it’s bizarre but luckily it doesn’t do it on every email. Thanks again for the insights.