Auto correct and forwarding

Hello all,

Wondering if you can help?

I am using the client on a windows 10 device and a MacBook pro. The spell check on windows device seems to not work correctly, and every time I click ‘i’ it doesn’t auto change to ‘I’, small problem ‘i’ know but super annoying! The MacBook however works fine.

Secondly, every time I forward a message, my signature changes font and style and goes to double line spacing!

Has anyone got any fixes for these issues? Thanks in advance.

There is no autocorrect in eM Client. It works on the Mac only because that is handled by the Mac OS directly, not eM Client.

There was an issue like this with signatures in older versions of eM Client, but it was resolved. Can you please install the latest version of eM Client from our website and see if there is any difference.