Auto configuration for new account takes ages - no manual configuration possible

Hi, I used emclient for months without problems. Since I had to reinstall my computer and the a new version of the emclient-software I can’t configure my account manually any more. The mandatory auto config takes ages and doesn’t recognize the settings for smtp, outgoing server. It ist not possible to configure it manually anymore afterwards (as it was formerly) because the smtp option at accounts doesn’t appear. Please fix!!!

Hi, what mail service are you using? Are you maybe using some Firewall/Proxy settings on your computer that would disable the eM Client’s ability to connect to necessary ports, while setting up the account?

You can always use the manual setup, you just have to switch from the Automatic setup tab to the Mail tab and select Other, then proceed with the steps and configure your account.

Thank you,

Ok, thanks I got that now, although it is not obvious enough, and lacks usability. The number of similiar coments in this forum supports this fact. It would be nice if the ui would suggest a manual configuration option after the autamtic have failed (in my case the smtp configs where not found). At least there should be a option to configurate an account (which autoconfig partially failed) manually afterwards in the settings, which is not possible at all now.

Hi, thank you for the suggestion, as I mentioned manual configuration is possible if you have the configuration details. Just switch to the mail tab and select other and proceed with the steps.

Thank you for understanding, I hope you can manage to use this setting,