Auto Attachments

Hey, I’ve a question because one of our customers is using eM Client and needs the following setting:

He would like to have a PDF-Document auto attached to every new mail he sends (in this case his general business terms). Is it possible to set this up?

Many thanks in advance


Unfortunately it is not possible to include attachments in e.g. the templates. The only solution we can recommend is to upload the pdf somewhere and then create a Template/signature with a link to this file that will be used in every new message.


Hey Maurice, thanks for your answer.

We’d like to use eM Client on more than  20 devices, but for our customer it’s essential to configure an auto attachement. In Germany it’s nescessary to add your general business terms as attachement to prevent later changes. Uploading a file with a link is not allowed, because the file could be changed afterwards.

Will there be a possible solution in the near future?


Thank you for explaining the purpose. We’re very sorry, but we are unable to provide this feature at the moment. Our developers do consider what users ask for the most based on the votes for Idea threads in the forum while developing new features so I changed this thread from Question to Idea. Please vote for it if this is a crucial feature for you.

With apologies,