Auto-archiving target

Will auto-archiving have a destination option? I don’t want it to remove messages from any Google-based account.

Google accounts have their own Archive button in the main menu which corresponds to Gmail Archive function.

This is not very useful - it’s hidden since I never look at accounts directly (I use the global inbox all the time and all my accounts are Google-based) and I was hoping for an auto-archive function that would work with Google accounts.

I have the same problem.

Here’s a potential solution. Since Gmail’s ‘Archive’ folder/tag is ‘All Mail’, if we just had a rule in emclient we could apply to the inbox to move messages to a folder older than a specified number of days it would work.

It would essentially autoarchive gmail’s way, and keep all data on the server.


This is good idea, I will keep it under consideration so it will be discussed when we will make plans for next versions and updates.


Thanks! Also, it would be nice to have rules for read messages

Rules for read messages are not technically possible at this moment, so it will not be implemented in foreseeable future.


Archiving is a very powerful and useful tool. I like the way that Outlook lets you create a data file into which you can move old emails and appointments. Could such a data file be built into eM Client?

Hi David, no, unfortunately not, eM Client is using it’s own database, where all the data are stored in multiple database files, it is not possible to create a single data file containing your archive or any other data from eM Client.

Thank you for understanding,