Auto-archiving control for individual folders

Outlook and some other e-mail clients (e.g., The Bat!) have a feature to allow the user to set different auto-archive parameters for each folder (or just use the default if not required). I found this useful as some things I like to keep for longer than others, so I would like to see this feature become available in eM Client at some stage.

I agree this would be a useful feature

Hi, thank you for the suggestion, we’ll consider adding the feature into future releases.

However currently automatic archiving archives your email’s folders into a separate account folder under the local Archive folder.

If you’re using an account that support online archivation you should also be able to use the cloud based archived on your mail server for use with the archive button in your inbox, which will be displayed if your server supports archiving, e.g. Gmail.

Thank you,

Specifically, I would like the following auto archive options, by folder (it would be nice, but not necessary if the archive interval could be set for each folder.)

  1. Do nothing.
  2. Move to expired items to the local Archive folder (this is what auto archive does now.)
  3. Delete expired items
  4. Move the expired item to a selected folder (this should “reset” the time counter for the item so that this folder, too, could have archiving options set.

Thank you for the suggestion, we’ll consider adding these features into future releases of eM Client?