auto add contacts?

how can i add all contacts? i added accounts and it has no contacts, is there a way to make it automatic add all contacts from all emails in inbox to addressbook?

Does your email account provider supports contacts synchronizing? Go to Tools - accounts - your account and tell me if you have contact (or contacts and something tab).


The only tabs are General, Imap, Smtp, Diagnostics. The email is

Is it not possible for it to just create an addressbook from all emails in my inbox? I can manually add them, 1 at a time, but there are hundreds…

Then you do not have Contacts enabled, have you used automatic setup? If not then recreate your account using automatic setup or under Tools - accounts - new account - contacts - other create account for contacts.


Thanks a lot, that solved it, aol seem to use carddav and I was able to get all my contacts in.

thank you for update on your issue.