Authorization required issue

I’m not able to receive emails from my ISP ( since I’m getting always the “Authorization required” dialog. The credentials are correct typed. So there seems to be a technical issue.

Hi Ben, what version of eM Client are you currently using?
Can you make a screenshot of the error?

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Hey, I’m using the latest version 6.0.20648.0

Hi, are you using any firewall/proxy/antivirus software on your computer?

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I think I partially resolved the issue. 
I had to configure the correct port, and furthermore the url of the caldav.

The issue is partially resolved since when I’m restarting the eM Client, the Authroization Required dailog pops up again and again.

What I discovered is that if I’m entering a new CalDav url eM Client automatically adds a last slash character (if I didn’t do that manually).
This seems to be not a problem as long as I’m not restarting the eM Client.

Restarting the eM Client, brings back the Authorization Required dialog everytime.

Hi Ben, not quite sure what the issue is. If you remove the slash character is it back in the address when you restart the application?

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