Authentification Failed

Since a couple of days, I cannot receive or send any e-mails in EM Client. A pop-up message appears that the server says “Authentification failed”. I havent made any changes to the password. How can I mend the problem?
Please excuse me if this is a too basic question, but I cannot fix it.

Regards, Lili

Apart from rebooting your computer. Check that you can login to your email via your browser incase there is a mail server problem at your mailbox end. Could be your mail server is offline or something has changed at your server end.

However if you can login ok to your mailbox via your webmail, then if you have any “optional” installed Antivirus programs, Firewall / Security programs or VPNs, try completely disabling those to test if are causing the problem.

Thanks a lot for your help – I did what you said, but in the end I changed my password and now the problem seems solved.
Thank you so much … Lili

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