I’m getting AUTHENTICATIONFAILED when connecting to gmail IMAP on one account. I know the password is correct as it works to log directly into gmail. I have also tried changing the password, with no effect. My other gmail account continues to work correctly. What’s going on?

I believe Gmail is down remotely.

I am having the same issue as well. Cant connect through imap but it is working through web.

windows mail (windows 8 metro) works fine with through imap though :frowning:

Noticed i am not alone today having problem connecting to Gmail on my phone. So if you having a problem accessing your Gmail on your phone today here are the steps:

Go to any computer available and login into your Gmail. It would ask you to confirm that this is your account and will ask for your phone number. Enter it and Google will send you a code to your phone to confirm it. Enter it on your computer and it should login to your desktop just fine.

After that go to gmail on your phone and refresh your inbox. It would say password is not right. Go to Settings and re-enter your regular Gmail password you always used. Click Save and try to refresh it again.

It should work. Just worked on mine.

Mine seems to have solved itself, IMAP is now working again.

I can confirm that it is a server sided issue but hopefully it will be resolved soon.

Works on my end now.